No Job Too Large or HIGH!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 16:31

After 18 years of providing legionella control services, especially providing innovative remedial works solutions, we have pretty much come across every possible scenario.


Now and again though, a new challenge raises its head, and the Key Environmental Team burst into action!


We have just completed a re-lining project (nothing new there) on a large truff tank which is used as part of a process water system using sea water.  The challenge with this project was not that the tank was so large (although at 200m3 it was not small!), but that it was open topped, by the coast, contained a tonne of sand and was about 150 foot in the air!




The views from the top were fantastic, but logistically how could we safely get our equipment etc up there and the tonne of sand etc down.  


The answer was Superman (seen her with Donald Standen who was Christopher Reeves' double in the 80's films!)




Well maybe not!


To see the report on how we tackled this job, just click here for the completion report


If you’re concerned about the structural integrity of your water tanks, simply call Con O’Shea NOW on 01789 273014


What next if your tank's flexible lining fails?

Wednesday, 05 June 2013 17:56

Butyl bags and other flexible liners tend to be used for a ‘quick fix’. They are essentially flexible liners, that are suspended from the top of the tank but they do not address the problem of corrosion of the tank substrate.  Often they are installed without any thought of the tank lid / roof, which usually remains completely unprotected, allowing the risk of contamination from bacteria (including Legionella) when condensation forms and drips back into the potable water.


These liners are usually poorly fitted and the creases can also provide areas for bacterial hideout.  Often these liners, because of their flimsy nature, can become damaged and once the slightest damage occurs, the water in the tank passes through the damaged area (even a small ‘pinhole’) causing ingress of water between the tank substrate and the liner.  This usually results in water stagnating behind the liner causing a risk of bacterial growth and eventually, pushing the liner to the top of the tank and causing disruption to the water supply.


Key Environmental Services were recently asked to provide a solution where a flexible liner within a tank had failed:




Beneath the lining, the tank substrate was badly corroded:




The solution was to remove the liner and re-line the tank with a solvent free polyurethane, ACOTHANE DW.




To find out how we carried this job out please see the full completion report by clicking here


Please contact us if you have any tanks that require professionally re-lining complete with a 10 year guarantee.


What to do if the tank Internals are Inaccessible?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 11:28

Regular inspections and maintenance are essential to maintain effective legionella control, however items of equipment are often installed without future maintenance in mind.

Key Environmental Services were asked to provide a solution for this innaccessible cold water storage tank:




The solution was to modify the tank by partly dismantling and then installing a new panel complete with inbuilt access manway:




To find out how we carried this job out please see the full completion report by clicking here 

Please contact us if you have any tricky access issues you would like solved






Hi, I'm Con.

Its great to meet you.



Do you struggle to get your head around legionella legislation? 

Is your current service provider failing to deliver the service you deserve?

If so I can help.  You see here at Key Environmental we have a highly skilled team of legionella control engineers who have a real commitment to the quality of work being done, and to delivering customer service that 'wows'.

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