Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Do you have forgotton cold water storage tanks hidden in your roof space?

Are they 'out of site, out of mind?' or are they regulary inspected, cleaned and disinfected?


You’ll be surprised at the horrors we discover in some cold-water storage tanks.


You see, because the mains supplies your cold water, in time your tank will inevitably accumulate debris, sludge and silt. It makes the water look dirty.


What’s more, it’s not uncommon to discover contamination from pigeon poo or even dead, decomposing rodents floating about. It doesn’t bear thinking about right?


Would you drink this water?




It means regular cleaning and disinfection of your cold-water storage facilities are a smart preventative measure to ensure:

  • Your water supply is clean, hygienic and free from visible contaminants

  • Your tank is properly managed to reduce the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria

  • Your tank and its cover are fit for purpose and free from the need for refurbishment or replacement.


Discover comprehensive cleaning and disinfection services

Key Environmental’s specialist team of water hygiene experts can ensure your cold-water tank is sparkling with fresh, clean water that you’d be happy to drink from.


Our comprehensive cleaning and disinfection service will:

  • Advise you on the most appropriate and cost-effective method for your particular water system.


  • Combine a robust physical clean to remove the calcium carbonate scale, sediment and biofilms that accumulates naturally.

  • Followed by chemical disinfection with either chlorine, chlorine dioxide or silver catalyzed hydrogen peroxide to limit the potential for high bacteria counts.

  • We’ll even do a thorough visual inspection and condition report of your tank for signs of corrosion or leakage and advise you if any remedial work is required




In addition, you’ll receive a certificate of disinfection  to use as evidence of the preventative measures you’ve implemented to meet your water hygiene H&S responsibilities.

Book your deep clean today…

If you want peace of mind that your cold-water storage tank is clean, well maintained and free from

physical and bacterial contaminants, speak to Con O’Shea TODAY. Simply call 01789 273014.

We can discuss your requirements, advise you on what you require and book a convenient time to carry out the work.


So call Con now on 01789 273014 and ensure your cold-water storage tank is sparkly clean.


Featured Case Studies


To illustrate further the type of services we provide, please check out some of our completed projects - we are sure you will be impressed!



Cold water storage tank refurbishment 


Cold water storage tank replacement


Tank access problem solved



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Do you struggle to get your head around legionella legislation? 

Is your current service provider failing to deliver the service you deserve?

If so I can help.  You see here at Key Environmental we have a highly skilled team of legionella control engineers who have a real commitment to the quality of work being done, and to delivering customer service that 'wows'.

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