Tank Re-Lining and Refurbishment

Is your cold-water storage tank leaking, corroding or posing an increased legionella risk?


Are you now faced with replacing or re-lining your cold water storage tank?

Whatever your situation, our expert team of professional fitters can carry out a variety of

tank re-lining, repair, refurbishment and replacement work to ensure your water

storage facilities are hygienic, fit for purpose and designed to minimise the risk of legionella


Water tank re-lining and refurbishment:

Just because your tank is corroded or leaking, it doesn’t automatically mean a replacement is required.

In a number of cases, professional repair, re-lining and refurbishment work is a cost-effective

alternative that also reduces downtime of your water services and reduces waste.

Typical repair and refurbishment work includes:


  • Re-lining your existing tank with ACOTHANE DW, a solvent free, polyurethane coating

  • Re-sizing cold water storage tanks

  • Upgrading cold water storage tanks to ensure they comply with the latest water supply regulations

  • Re-plumbing to remove dead legs or to by-pass water storage vessels

Following re-lining of your cold water storage tank with ACOTHANE DW, your tank will be very

easy to inspect and clean due to the ceramic, tile-like finish of the product, meaning that your

Legionella control programme will be far more effective.

In addition, we offer a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE on all cold water storage tank re-lining projects


Considerate working guaranteed:

We recognise the inconvenience repair and replacement work could have on the activities taking place within your premises. Therefore we promise to work intelligently and considerately to minimise any downtime and disruption.  

Need some advice?

If you’re concerned about the structural integrity of your cold water storage tanks or if your legionella risk assessment has identified remedial action is required, simply call Con O’Shea NOW on 01789 273014.

We can arrange a convenient time to assess your tank and provide advice as to what action is most suitable. We can also provide you a quote and help you decide if refurbishment or replacement is the best option.

What’s more there’s no obligation – just the easiest way for you to solve your tank nightmares quickly, efficiently and at a fair price!

Just call Con O’Shea now on 01789 273014.


Featured Case Studies


To illustrate further the type of services we provide, please check out some of our completed projects - we are sure you will be impressed!



Cold water storage tank refurbishment 


Cold water storage tank replacement


Tank access problem solved



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