Thermostatic Mixer Valve Installation & Maintenance

In order to reduce the risk of legionella in your hot water, you’ll want to ensure it’s stored above 60°C.


HOWEVER, because water at this temperature poses a risk of scalding, you’ll want to counter it with the installation of Thermostatic Mixer Valves. This is especially the case if “high risk” groups use your premises such as young children and the elderly.




Thermostatic Mixer Valves are an excellent preventative measure to ensure your hot water arrives at a safe temperature when the end user turns on the hot tap. And when you consider hot bath water is responsible for the highest number of fatal and severe scalds, it’s well worth the investment.




Thermostatic Mixer Valve Maintenance & Servicing


Once your valves are installed, you need to ensure they’re regularly maintained.

As a minimum, once a year you should:


  • Measure the mixed water temperature to ensure it falls between an acceptable range 
  • Carry out the failsafe shut-off test to ensure your valves are in optimum working order.


You may feel comfortable doing this yourself. But if not, give us a call and we can do it for you as part of our comprehensive water management services.


Need some advice on Thermostatic Mixer Valves for your premises?


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